Be Inspired

The chaos of creativity is a free space uncontrolled by language, knowledge, and social limitations. It is an emancipated zone of intellectual, spiritual, and emotional freedom you can use to build an empowered creative construct that is uniquely yours. May these quotes inspire your thoughts, energize your creativity, and courageously empower your mind to imagine more.

- Doug Patton

Inspirational Creativity

A way to catalyze positive change in your life

"Pain, injury, frustration, and self-doubt are the seeds of great revolutionary thought. The ability one develops in overcoming mental injury creates a construct that can be applied to become a powerful creative problem-solving force.”

“It is time to wake up, act courageously, and energize your sense of purpose. Within you is a force capable of much more than just solving problems. When channeled, it can transform the essence of who you are. Will you choose to wake up or to remain asleep?”

Psychological Creativity

A way to access and expand your creative potential

“Passion connects thought processes and harnesses all aspects of the brain, enabling them to become aware of potential opportunities. Passion for a subject, concept, or dream is an incredible driving force in creativity inertia.”

“It is easy to misinterpret the rest cycle of creativity inertia as depression or slowed progress. In actuality, it is a powerful slingshot revitalizing you with the energy you need to explosively ascend to newfound levels of creativity.”

Spiritual/Philosophical Creativity

A way to empower and deepen your true nature

“Creative courage is the empowering force in your soul that shields your imagination from the intoxication of success and the depression of failure. Courageously undertake your idealistic journey to energetically master creative problem-solving.”

“Every day that I design and create a new invention is, in essence, a prayer. I yearn to be able to reach further, deeper, and higher, transcending my abilities. My prayer is a wish to create inventions that are worthy and that make a difference in improving people’s lives.”

Imagination Creativity

A way to expand your vibrant mind as you dream of more

“Imagination is your very essence as a human being. The realm of imagination is a toolbox containing wonders of creative problem-solving that can set you free from the stasis of boredom and the depression of perceived defeat. Embrace the regenerative powers your imagination offers you. It is a superpowered wellspring that energizes your dreams, enabling them to come true. Enact your will, break free, and imagine more.”

“Believe that you can transform your dreams into reality using the guiding light of self-discovery that imagination offers. Regardless of whatever life has shaped you into up until this time, this can now be a departure point for the renewal of your soul. You can break the mold that contains you with the chisel of your energized imagination.”

Invention Creativity

A way to construct and utilize a vision that serves humanity 

“Your greatest invention will always be yourself. Invention is a process of revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit to create revolutionary change in the world. Within the realm of invention creativity are principles that can direct your awareness to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.”

“Build the dreams that your vision has imagined. Re-envision the world, reawakening your creative insight.”

Analytical Problem Creativity

A way to solve a problem by asking all necessary questions

“Searching for the most aware and comprehensive compendium of all one’s questions is a most noble gesture of imagination. It represents passionate devotion to creative clarity, involving all of one’s intellect, spirit, and courageous emotion. It is the foundation upon which a solution can be built, serving as a guiding compass that yields the answer to all your questions.”

“Evolving a greater understanding of the true nature of the problem is a transformational process that reveals the hidden soul of creativity.”

Analytical Solution Creativity

A way to solve a problem using your personalized problem-solving method

“Freedom of thought is a moral law of creativity. It gives soul to your philosophy, flight to your imagination, and power to your idealistic dreams. By breaking a problem down into its core simplistic elements using the building blocks of creativity, you use an intuitive process of imagination that unleashes virtually limitless ideas.”

“I now realize my most valuable lesson: creativity is a state of mind that, when attained, energizes and focuses your imagination, allowing you to intuitively solve any problem. This state of mind elevates your imagination above the facts and figures that limit your creativity.”