Inspirations of Creativity

In his decades-long career as an industrial designer, Doug has embodied an idealistic vision to shift the societal paradigm of lackluster mechanization. His mission to innovate in ways that uplift the spirit and psyche have given him keen awareness about what it takes to create products that inspire creativity and best serve humanity.

Beyond sheer passion and strength of will, the secret driving his success within the automotive, consumer goods, and technology fields is a unique creative problem-solving methodology he has innovated. This methodology is at the core of his work for Patton Design, translating to the success of clients like Mercades, Bausch + Lomb, Apple, and Disney; translating to those who watched Simon Cowell’s American Inventor, on which he was featured; and translating to readers of his two seminal treatises on creativity, Conquering the Chaos of Creativity and Inspirations of Creativity, the latter of which is intended to inspire you.

In sharing empowering quotes about what he calls the 7 Foundations of Creativity, Inspirations embodies the heart and soul of Doug’s problem-solving approach. These quotations are much more than a meditation on methodology, however; they speak to the spirit of innovation, a quest for truth, and a relentless stride towards an ideal world.